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Roey Rahmil: Globalization and Ethics

Roey Rahmil '07As a Hackworth Fellow at the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics his senior year, Roey Rahmil ’07 learned to think big—as in  globally—by helping David DeCosse, director of campus ethics programs, teach a year-long Ethics and Globalization course at SCU covering the global aspects of economics, culture, and politics.

“Global issues dramatically affect individuals’ lives, whether they realize it or not,” says Rahmil, currently a law student at UC Davis. “Whether it’s a decision about who you vote for or what kind of products you buy, the effects don’t stop at the border or with that one specific decision.”

One of the most important things he learned while facilitating lively discussions in the class, he says, is that not all global citizens think alike. Through his work in the
Ethics and Globalization class, he experienced the power of asking questions, posing hypotheticals, and listening non-judgmentally in order to understand another person’s viewpoint.

“I think the class made me a better, more careful thinker.”