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Gary Gardner

Alumnus Gary GardnerAs senior researcher for the nonprofit Worldwatch Institute, Gary Gardner ’80 (B.S. political science) has made working toward an environmentally sustainable and socially just society his life’s work. Using data and information gathered by the U.N., The World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, and other international organizations, he helps to draw a comprehensive picture of environmental and social issues by analyzing them from a global and interdisciplinary perspective.

“We Americans are about 4 1/2 percent of the world’s population, but we use up about a quarter of the world’s key resources,” he says. Instead, people should show more compassion for the planet and its inhabitants by reducing consumption or redirecting it to more eco-friendly products, and by investing in socially responsible companies.

“We all have to have a vision of the sort of world we want to build and then act to make that happen.”