Santa Clara University

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2006-07 Financial Overview


The ongoing generosity of alumni, parents, and friends allows Santa Clara students to benefit from a very high quality of education, to prepare them to be leaders of competence, conscience, and compassion in keeping with our vision.

After several years of consistent growth, Santa Clara University’s endowment is now among the top 100 university endowments in the United States, allowing the University the opportunity to assume a more prominent role nationally. The endowment will support the ambitious academic and program goals set forth by President Locatelli, including existing scholarships and endowed professorship programs. As this endowment grows, so will Santa Clara’s ability to further the goal of a 21st-century Jesuit education: making the world a better place.

University Endowment figures

Income and Expenditures

The University’s most significant expenditures, for operations, faculty and staff salaries, and financial aid, all demonstrate our commitment to student learning and advancement. The primary source of revenue is tuition and fees; these charts do not reflect gifts to the endowments or capital projects.

Pie chart of university expenses in FY2006-07

University revenues for FY2006-07