Santa Clara University

Connecting With Each Other, Connecting With the World: SCU’s Centers of Distinction

Santa Clara prides itself on offering a distinctive educational environment informed by our Jesuit and Catholic mission and values, our place in Silicon Valley, California, our commitment to the teaching scholar faculty model, and our times. Those advantages to a Santa Clara education are nowhere more visible than in the individual and collective work of the Centers of Distinction.


The Centers, inaugurated at different times over the past decade, strive to model collaborative research and learning. In doing so, they contribute to Santa Clara University’s intellectual excellence and to its national distinction in American higher education.


The Centers aim to open doors for every person they engage—scholars from around the region and the world, public policy and community leaders, business and corporate leaders, students, grass roots advocates, and marginalized members of our community. In addition to creating forums for the consideration of local and global issues, the Centers aim to provide opportunities for those they come in contact with to develop what we term a well-educated solidarity in the real world.


In that context, our faculty monitor the evolving needs of Silicon Valley and the increasingly globalized community it has helped create and with which it must engage in order to succeed in the 21st century. SCU faculty and others working in the Centers of Distinction work actively to address concerns and new opportunities through scholarship, interactions with various communities, and teaching.


Each Center of Distinction shares a common goal of contributing to the intellectual excellence of the University.




Capitalizing on the creativity of the Silicon Valley, using science and technology intelligently to benefit humanity.




Appreciating ethics as essential to living lives of integrity in a complex and rapidly changing world.




The Bannan Center for Jesuit Education, where understanding faith leads to social justice, and intelligent social justice leads to fashioning more humane life in local communities and a globalizing world. The Pedro Arrupe, S.J. Center for Community-Based Learning, where increasing understanding comes through inquiry and reflective engagement with vulnerable members of the community.


Through these Centers and the commitment the University has made to them, Santa Clara works to expand useful dialogue and promote effective action.


Our vision is nothing less than to make our community and the world a better place.