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Graduate Business Application

Frequently Asked Questions


"I created an account, but now I can't login."
If you can't remember your password, you can click here to have a password hint emailed to you. If you still cannot remember your password, the email message also provides a link that you can use to reset your password. Remember, to login you must enter your full and complete email address, for example, "" If you only enter "jsmith," you will be unable to login.

"I can login, but every time I try to save, I get sent back to the login screen."
Cookies are not enabled in your web browser. Cookies must be enabled so that your login will persist as you move through the application. Click here for instructions to enable cookies in your browser.

Essay/Personal Statement/Resume

"After saving my essay, some characters have turned to rectangular boxes or question marks."
This problem can happen with some characters (especially "curly" quotation marks, em or en dashes, and others in the extended character set) when copying from a word processing program such as Microsoft Word. Unfortunately, the only solution we can offer is to delete the rectangular boxes or question marks and re-type the characters directly in the essay field. Quotation marks should be simply re-typed. En and em dashes can be replaced with a hyphen and double-hyphen, respectively. Characters with accent marks must be replaced with unaccented characters.

"When I review my essay after saving it, all the formatting is lost and the breaks between paragraphs disappear. The essay just looks like one large paragraph."
The essay field can only contain plain text. All special formatting such as bold or italicized text will be lost. Paragraph breaks will be retained as long as you make sure that there is a blank line between each paragraph. New paragraphs started simply with a break and tab indent will not be retained.


"When I print out my application, the questions that require me to answer by marking a circle or a box do not show any marks. Will the admissions office see my answers?"
Depending on your web browser, marks made in radio buttons (the circles) or checkboxes (the squares) may not print out correctly. If you return to the screen where you answered the questions and the correct options are marked as you indicated, then you can be sure that the admissions office will see your answers.

Credit Card Fee Payment

"When trying to pay the application fee by credit card, I receive a message that payment could not be processed because of a "system error" and that I should try again later. I have tried several times and always receive the same error."
The "system error" encountered when trying to submit credit card payment can be due to a number of conditions. The most common cause is that the connection with our credit card processor is temporarily unavailable. You can usually try again later and be able to complete the transaction. However, this error can also be encountered if our processor is unable to access the bank that issued your credit card. If you try again and continue to receive this error, then we recommend trying a different credit card, or paying by check if that is available as a payment option.


"When I access the online application, I get a "Server Error" or "JRUN" error."
This usually indicates that there was a problem with the application server and it is in the process of restarting. This error will usually go away in a couple minutes. If you continue to receive this error after a reasonable period of time, please contact us using the feedback form.